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Welcome to Lake Puula and to the website of the Northern Puula management association!

Puula is Finland’s 13th largest lake, which drains into the Baltic Sea via Kymijoki River route. Located in Southern Savonia, Puula is the region’s provincial lake. It boasts a diverse range of accommodation options and hiking and fishing possibilities – Puula is a magnificent nature destination in every way!

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The majority of Finland’s water areas are jointly owned by a management association, which comprises of the properties and premises close to the water area. The members of the association are responsible for the water area management and decide on rules for fishing. The Northern Puula management association takes care of extensive and diverse water areas covering a total of 10 000 hectares in Puula and the surrounding small bodies of water. Fishing in rapids and other running waters usually requires a special permit in Finland, and on the Northern Puula area, fishing in Läsäkoski rapids falls under the jurisdiction of Läsäkosken Kartano Oy (

Puula provides fishermen and -women with opportunities to catch several different species with a variety of methods. Regardless of the season, you will always find something interesting to fish for! In Finland, all people aged 18-64 years must pay the national fisheries management fee in order to go fishing. The fee entitles you to the use of a single rod and a lure throughout Finland, with the exception of running waters and other special fishing sites. Other types of fishing require a permission from the owner of the water area in addition to the national management fee. The Northern Puula management association sells trap fishing and trolling permits, which can be purchased at several sales points.

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Catch sizes for different fish species (minimum):

  • Lake salmon: 60 cm
  • Arctic char: 60 cm
  • Trout (clipped adipose fin) 50 cm (60 cm recommended)
  • Zander: 42 cm (50 cm recommended)

Trout with an intact adipose fin are protected. Regardless of their size and condition, fish with an intact adipose fin must be released back into the lake.

You can find a map of the Northern Puula permit area, a list of permit sellers and further information here!

Protected areas set up by the Northern Puula management association

Link to Finland’s map service for general fishing restrictions (in Finnish and Swedish):

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